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Indian Food Restaurant in Austin

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Looking for Indian food restaurant in Austin?

Love for Indian food is celebrated all over the world for its breadth of flavors, and the depths it takes you through with the aromas. Indian cuisines are also famous for spices that are sprinkled generously to enrich the flavors and the spiciness makes everyone fall in love with the traditional dishes that bring uniqueness to the menu.

Now you will not have trouble deciding to choose between an Indian food restaurant or an Italian pizza place because we got both covered for you at PIZZA DAY. People who are fond of Indian flavors will love to visit PIZZA DAY where we offer fun fusion versions of our pizza along with world charming Indian flavors such as the butter chicken, spicy paneer, and butter paneer. Come visit us for an authentic Indian food experience or to satisfy your pizza craving.

Try our signature dishes or our fusion versions that are healthy and made with fresh organic dough and hand-cut vegetables to keep you coming back for more.

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