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Super Bowl Halftime Show

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As you await Feb 7th to tune in to The Superbowl Sunday for the final fight, we are prepping ourselves to be part of this national obsession with you. The nations’ largest sporting event on television is not complete without the Half time show, the largest music event that garners an audience of nearly 114 million viewers and hosting the biggest brands in the music industry.

SuperBowl 2021 will see an electrifying halftime show with The Weeknd making it into the list this year. Super Bowl setlists are usually kept top-secret, and while The Weeknd hasn’t dropped many hints about his performance, it’s probably a safe bet that his massively popular 2020 single “Blinding Lights” will be a part of the show in some way, likely alongside some other After Hours standouts like “In Your Eyes” and “Save Your Tears.” Here’s to hoping he also surprises fans with some of his past up-tempo hits like “Can’t Feel My Face,” “Starboy,” “In the Night,” “Pray For Me” and more.

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