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SuperBowl Food in Austin

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SuperBowl Food in Austin

Go healthy with Pizzaday’s Pizzas and Chicken wings this SuperBowl season

With Super Bowl around the corner, our palate too must be getting ready for the awesome gameday food specials offered in every part of the town. This season of Superbowl Food in Austin give a healthy spin to your gameday food with Pizzaday’s all-natural, organic pizzas. All our signature and customized offerings are not just tasty but healthy with organic dough, freshly cut vegetables, meat, and premium cheese blend so you can binge without guilt.

For the biggest sports day of the year, go a little off-script from regular chicken wings to our oven-baked chicken wings. This favorite game-day snack is in agreement with the mood and vigor of the most favorite game in America. At Pizzaday our healthy chicken wings are made from chicken marinated in spices and oven-baked to get tender wings without a smear of oil but the same crispiness and
finger-licking zest.

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